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The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted every aspect of our lives, from the way we live and work to the way we interact with others, purchase basic necessities, and spend leisure time.  

During this period, we want to assure our guests that we have taken every necessary precaution to combat the spread of the virus in our facilities. Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our guests, employees, and communities.

Therefore, we have developed a contract for our team members and our valued customers. The Fridley Theatres' Commitment to our Communities agreement represents a promise to Iowans and Nebraskans that we will diligently uphold our sanitation and cleanliness protocols. It is our vow that we take this virus seriously and that we will make every effort to ensure the safety of each individual in our theatres. Simply, it is our commitment to community.

For our employees, the pledge will serve as an obligation and reminder to adhere strictly to all COVID-19 policies/procedures. For our guests, it asks them to make small sacrifices for the greater good, and it affords them a sense of confidence as they enter our complexes. When this notice is on display at a Fridley Theatre, it means that we are working hard to deliver a clean, comfortable, and safe movie-going experience.

The following list of measures, developed in conjunction with recommendations from the WHO, CDC, National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), and the National Restaurant Association (NRA), is the foundation for our broader COVID-19 policy. It outlines the basics for what a guest can expect when they visit one of our locations.

Ultimately, we believe in the ability of our managers to implement and enforce these items, and we believe in the selflessness and care of movie-goers to stand up for one another. For more information, visit our website ( And, welcome back to the movies!



We ask our guests to:


We ask our employees to:


We will:

With the help of our guests and the dedication of our staff members, we make this pledge: We will do all we can to deliver a safe and comfortable movie-going experience to the people and communities that we serve.



How much are movie tickets?

We will be honoring Discount Pricing for all older content and repertory product. For upcoming/new releases that are not available on streaming services, we will use normal pricing.


Are you still offering Bargain Tuesday specials?

Yes! Even though many of our movies have discounted admission all week, we are still offering a free 46 oz. bag of popcorn with the purchase of a beverage on Tuesdays. For all regularly priced features, we offering our usual Bargain Tuesday discount admission. Click here for more information on Bargain Tuesdays. (Please note that the Tenet Early Access shows on Tuesday, September 1 do not qualify for discounted Bargain Tuesday admission.)


Where should I purchase my movie tickets?

You can purchase your movie ticket at the box office of your local theatre, but we encourage you to purchase your tickets online for convenience and to help us maintain distancing! 


Will cash be accepted at the theatres?

Yes, we will have a dedicated selling station at each theatre that will accept cash and gift cards. Credit and debit cards will be accepted at all other open selling stations.


Will large popcorns and large drinks still have free refills?

We will be refilling large popcorns and large drinks once, but you will be given a new tub or cup. Thank you for your understanding!


If I had a pass that expired while you were closed, can I still use it?

All passes that have an expiration date in 2020 will be honored for an additional 3 months after the expiration date listed on the pass or coupon.


For more general questions not related to our theatres reopening, please visit our FAQ page by clicking here.



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Thank you for your cooperation and continued support. Enjoy the show!


If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to us using our Contact Us page.



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