Code of Conduct

Fridley Theatres' Courtesy Code of Conduct

We are proud to present its Courtesy Code of Conduct. Fridley Theatres, an Iowa-based, locally-owned theatre circuit, has implemented ten basic rules of conduct in each of their theatre locations. The code is designed to specifically outline an expectation of acceptable behavior for each of their guests. Founded in Midwestern values and common courtesy, these guidelines were developed in response to the growing problem of disrespectful behavior in and around theatre facilities that often detracts from overall guest satisfaction.

Fridley Theatres strives to provide each of its guests with the highest level of personal service and a comfortable, enjoyable theatre experience. Its new Courtesy Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure these standards are met. With increased awareness on the part of the public and dramatic efforts to increase supervision and surveillance on the part of management and security personnel, Fridley Theatres hopes to reduce or eliminate distractions and disrespectful behavior inside their locations. In clearly defining expectations, the company hopes to facilitate common courtesy and, subsequently, ensure a positive theatre experience for all guests.

Fridley Theatres asks that the purchase of a ticket represent an implicit agreement of compliance between its theatre management and a guest. Those who are unable or unwilling to adhere to these policies will be asked to leave and refrain from returning. In such cases, refunds will not be granted. In extreme situations, law enforcement may be summoned.

Fridley Theatres welcomes comments/questions and looks forward to providing you with exemplary, family entertainment in the very near future. We appreciate your patronge.

For the enjoyment and comfort of all our guests, we require the following:

  1. Cell phones be turned off or placed on vibrate setting. Opening a cell phone or texting will not be permitted during the presentation; the light from its display creates a distraction.
  2. Unnecessary movement or talking/screaming be eliminated. Guests must remain seated, quiet, and respectful during the presentation. Running will not be permitted anywhere in the facility.
  3. Guests use appropriate language.
  4. Parents pick up their children/minors from the property promptly after the conclusion of the feature; any type of loitering will not be allowed.
  5. Outside food and beverages remain outside the facility.
  6. Guests properly dispose of trash in the provided receptacles (located in each auditorium and the lobby).
  7. Adhere to our Rated R Policy:
    1. Anyone ages 7 through 17 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for admittance to R-rated features. We require identification for anyone appearing under the age of 25.
    2. Children age 6 and under not attend an R-rated feature at any time.
  8. Guests arrive in a timely manner:
    1. Late Arrival Policy:
      1. Ticket sales are not permitted more than 25 minutes after the start of the previews.
      2. At that point, ticketing is disabled in our software system.
      3. Please be considerate of other as you enter the auditorium.
  9. Guests adhere to these guidelines as a condition of admittance; ticket purchases represent an implicit agreement.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring a positive theatre environment!

* We reserve the right to remove problematic individuals or entire groups without additional warning or reimbursement. We also reserve the right to refuse service.*